Zombo Buster Rising – Game Walkthrough (all 1-16 lvl + Boss Fight)

Join the special elite forces meant to wipe all zombies running around the city. Grab your weapon and get hired to defend people in this fun shooting game called Zombo Buster Rising! You have been stationed back at the base and your goal here is to defend the headquarters from zombies until the other members returns. Shoot all the zombies before they enter or else you will lose health. You will earn gold too and diamonds that you can use to upgrade bonus and stats of your character. As you move on through the map, you will get help from other Zombo Buster members!

Mobile game version of Zombo Buster Rising has been recently released and contains 30 levels + Boss fight. Here is complete video walkthrough of mobile game version: enjoy 🙂

Nguồn: https://app-wm.org/

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16 thoughts on “Zombo Buster Rising – Game Walkthrough (all 1-16 lvl + Boss Fight)

  1. I looked at this in 2015 and I was an kid and still know this my best memory like this comment if u still know this cool vid

  2. "Zombo Buster Rising" game has been recently released for mobiles and it has even more levels! Mobile game version contains 30 levels + Boss fight (also Endless Mode, which is unlocked after all 30 levels completed in story mode). Here is video walkthrough of mobile game version in Story Mode: https://youtu.be/6_pV9iPADAw enjoy 🙂

  3. The final boss is rather poorly made… mainly because he's either easy or frustratingly hard due to luck itself.

    Basically, he has 4 attacks: Summon a crypt, Heal all zombies on the field, Summon a bunch of zombies, or step closer (if close enough, one-shot you). The attacks can be chosen at random, and if one is unlucky, the RNG will make him step forward multiple times in a short amount of time. 

    If he steps forward too soon, it becomes much harder as the boss sponges attacks meant for the horde, allowing them to get further (and making them harder to kill), plus there'll be less time before he reaches you and murders you.

  4. I think the one who made this game is also the one who made the kingdom rush…Am I right???They kinda have the same graphic and features specially the upgrading parts…they really have 80 percent similarity even on hotkeys and enemy notification…they have different style though…anyways I enjoyed this game it’s also good…

  5. These zombies will surely get mad now that they are being hunted down by a special team. Make your stand against the undead in this zombie-themed shooting game called Zombo Buster Rising! What you must do is to protect the headquarters from attacking zombies. Shoot them down and don't let them get inside the HQ. If you let them in, you will lose health and eventually fail. You will be awarded with some cash after each successful defense, and you can use that money to buy new guns. You will receive special skills too that can help you survive the zombie infestation!

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