Tricks on DARK CARNIVAL #5 ★ Left 4 Dead 2

► Part 1:

► Part 2:

► Part 3:

► Part 4:

► Glitchy spots on Dark Carnival:

► Bunnyhop on Dark Carnival:

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42 thoughts on “Tricks on DARK CARNIVAL #5 ★ Left 4 Dead 2

  1. Does anyone notice the boomette sound even tho it's not on dark carnival on #4???

  2. Number 10 is something you did when your teammates were voting you out and you wanted to fuck them over

  3. #2 this only works on versus, if u keep the s.i. behind the metal door and start the concert, the s.i. will be kicked from da game and survivers win XD

  4. You deserve more subscribers because you have so good content because you post people's favorite games and learn more about them cuz of one youtuber called HS top 🙂

  5. There is a glitch where you can stop the tanks from spawning. You need to use the firework on stage when the tank music plays and before it leaves its spawn area. It will get the tank stuck in a wall and the tank will despawn because it cannot attack anyone

  6. А трюка со "слабым местом" нет. Крч, на этой карте есть слабое место, куда встанешь, и заражённые тебя не видят. Я так там сижу и всегда со мной нет танков (если это боты), они просто начинают лагать от этого.

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  8. do you record the demo without and with r_drawclipbrushes on and overlap the videos to create that ghost image of the purple/red clips

  9. hay hs top I found that before left4dead came out and did found the other trick because I found 20 of them I have prof

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