Tricks on DARK CARNIVAL #4 ★ Left 4 Dead 2

► Part 1:

► Part 2:

► Part 3:

► Part 5:

► Glitchy spots on Dark Carnival:

► Bunnyhop on Dark Carnival:

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26 thoughts on “Tricks on DARK CARNIVAL #4 ★ Left 4 Dead 2

  1. Аж плакать хочется с этих всех видосов. Реально Бог в лефт фо дед.

  2. I still have no idea how you do the jumps at no.10 so smoothly… I keep hitting my head against the edges and falling down even before I reach the bathroom stall

  3. “The object will not disappear if you hit it with roks only”

  4. Is that really how l4d2 is supposed to look? I play on a laptop so I can't enjoy the full quality. Also, how do you get the third person view as an infected? None of the "thirdperson" commands seem to work for me.

  5. tank is your friend? Oy my…
    что за? О боже…
    და ეს არის? მე არ ვიცი…

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