Trea Turner Shows WPW His Favorite Game Gloves (and Bat) thru his Career

Trea Turner is one of the nicer guys that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in baseball. Trea invited WPW into his Spring Training home to give us a “show-and-tell” on his favorite gear. In this segment, Trea pulls out his college and pro game gloves to show us how they’ve evolved over the years, and we also get to talk a little about his favorite bat models, and his first MLB cycle on April 26, 2017 at ice cold Coors Field.

A huge thank you to Trea and his wife Kristen for inviting us into their home, and for being so gracious with his time (we needed two takes)!

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29 thoughts on “Trea Turner Shows WPW His Favorite Game Gloves (and Bat) thru his Career

  1. Trea is hurt in my franchise season and I want to trade for him but can't because he's on the IL (disabled/injured list)

  2. This channel is off the hook! Definitely needs THOUSANDS AND EVEN MILLIONS OF SUBSCRIBERS!

  3. I met Trea in 2018 he is so nice.I go to mats games all the time and he plays ball like a god.

  4. shame Turner never showed that foam bat and hard af unbroken glove from tee ball. I remember that 6 year old video of his.

  5. I guess is difficult to get these home interviews but it’s much worth it, and there is more gear to show

  6. Nobody:

    Literally nobody:

    The aliens in Area 51:

    Baseball players: describe all objects with “she”

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