The Gummy Bear Song Lyrics.wmv

hello guys please watch home made song make by my friend:

Full length English version of I Am A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song) from the album “I Am Your Gummy Bear”.
Artist: Gummibär
Title: I Am A Gummy Bear
Album: I Am Your Gummy Bear

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More about Gummibär
Gummibär, a funny and lovable cartoon character, is a green animated gummy bear with a multitude of talents. Whether he is singing, break dancing, or playing his tuba, both children and adults can’t get enough of his funny gummy antics. His multi-lingual abilities have led to a huge International following and allow him to sing in 20 different languages including English, Hungarian, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Russian, and Hebrew with more to follow.

With close to 1 billion plays and counting, the video for “I Am A Gummy Bear” (The Gummy Bear Song) by Gummibär, has captured the hearts and minds of Internet users world-wide. Viewers of videos on YouTube, MySpace, and other social networking websites have made this animated short one of the most watched, most discussed, and most favorited videos on the Internet.

Initially a regional success in Hungary, it wasn’t long before the catchy little 30 second animated clip found it’s way onto social networking sites. In a matter of months, dozens, then hundreds, and now thousands of postings of the original video have popped up all over MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, and just about every online community that you can think of. In addition, thousands of people have created and posted user generated fan videos of themselves singing and dancing to The Gummy Bear Song as well.

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22 thoughts on “The Gummy Bear Song Lyrics.wmv

  1. The song- ''I m a jelly bear caus i m a gummy bear oh i m a movin grovin jammin singing gummy bear!!
    Me-''Woahhh. Wat type of gummy bear are you over here?
    Song-**Keeps singing ignorin my comment''

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  3. look for the gummybear album in stores on november 13th. with lots of music, videos, and extras.

  4. The song:*made 8 years ago or longer*
    Me:*watches it now*
    Also me:*what am I doing with my life?*

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