South Carolina vs. Clemson Condensed Game | 2018 ACC Football

Watch the condensed game of the rivalry match-up between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Clemson Tigers from Saturday November 24th, 2018.


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49 thoughts on “South Carolina vs. Clemson Condensed Game | 2018 ACC Football

  1. USCjr gets beat around like a tether ball again. The gap just keeps getting bigger for Muschamp.

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  3. Clemson is better than those "stupid chickens" I don't like Gamecocks! My mom is a Clemson fan so is me but we do not like Gamecocks!

  4. All I saw was orange beating white everywhere I looked on the field! It was kinda trippy

  5. Carolina fans should actually be proud, they scored more points on Clemson than any other team this season. With a bit more work on the SC defense they could be a major threat to Clemson in the coming seasons. The SC offense carried the team this game.

  6. I give Clemson all the credit in the world for all they have accomplished in the last few years. It is truly amazing. Man it really hurts to say that, but the truth is the truth. At least they are a team from our state, and our rival. So it's nice to be able to be facing the best team in the country year in and year out as of late. They have been equal to if not better than Alabama, which says a lot about them. Yeah sure they might not play as tough a schedule as Alabama, but they still have had to beat them 2 out of the last 3 years to win the title and completely dominated them this past year. Now on a side note though, just to make myself feel good I will share somewhat of a stat, that really isn't a stat just an observation I made over that last 10 years of the rivalry, and yes I know they past really doesn't matter because it's all about what have you done lately, but if you look at the games where both Clemson and South Carolina had good seasons and were both ranked when they played, South Carolina has had the edge and beat them by at least 2 scores in each of those contests the 4 or 5 years in a row that they won, and the last 4 or 5 they have had bad seasons and weren't ranked, whereas Clemson was ranked and had good seasons and Carolina came close to getting them when they went 3 and 9, and gave them a hell of a better game than almost anyone this past year including Alabama, and if not for a few 4th and goal stops by Clemsons defense, they might have had a chance to win. I will also admit that the three years in the middle of the 5 game win streak for Clemson, whether Carolina would have had a decent season or been ranked in any of those games, it wouldn't likely have made a difference as Carolina got straight up stomped each time. Again though I am not taking anything away from the greatness they have shown the past few years and I hope it continues and hopefully pushes Carolina to be better or at least compete with them none the less. Congratulation on all that yall have accomplished, sincerely a South Carolina Gamecock.

  7. Clemson backs were hunting pics durring a rivalry …i love the fact that Notre Dame and Bama bought into us having a weak Dback corp. as a Clemson fan i want to thank USCjr for setting up Dame and Bama cause we destroyed them both because of this game “showing our weakness” buhahahahaha chumps.

  8. 2018 National Champion CLEMSON TIGERS. 15-0
    Thanks for letting us get a win Gamecocks. Where would we be without your work zone, warehouse living, railroad track ass playing football team every year? Go bitch and moan about the other teams that whip that ass every year, or better yet just STFU because your hypothetical scenarios would net the same results as reality.

  9. SC knew they couldn't run the ball so they focused on short passes. With Clemson's Mike LB out (Tre Lamar) Muschamp had a pretty good idea that they could focus on beating Judah and J.D. Davis.
    Mark Fields (CB) also missed the game. CU may not like to admit it but since Ryan Carter and Marcus Edmond left they are still weak in the secondary. Plus Dorian O'Daniel left last year so it's obvious that they need to work on LB's and the secondary.
    So kudos for Muschamp to design an offensive scheme that worked pretty well.

  10. Hey SC fans posting here… Good luck playing in the Liberty Bowl, TaxSlayer Bowl, or whatever bowl accepts mediocre UNRANKED college teams. Meanwhile, Clemson plays for another National Championship!!!

  11. Game would have been a worse blow out if the SEC refs weren't sticking up for their own.

    Noticed they didn't have the OPI called in the 2nd quarter on the video after the INT. That was one of the worst calls I have seen… until the delay of game… on the defense. SMH

  12. USC played a hell of a game with a bunch of freshmen defense. Bentley passing over 500 yards much respect way to fight

  13. Great way to end the regular season undefeated. Hats off to Bentley. He looked and played like a different quarterback. Lawrence is going to demolish the ACC next year.

  14. So 2 slightly above average SEC offenses decimated that oh so great Clemson defense…Tigers will not get by the first round of the playoffs. If they do, Bama will be right around the corner.

  15. Lol best defensive line in the country? yeah I guess its easy to rack up numbers in the ACC when you are mediocre and everyone else is garbage. SC scored all over "the best defensive line in the country"

  16. Clemson fans, congrats on another win. Good luck on Saturday against Pitt, and we'll see what happens with the playoffs.

    Gamecocks fans, this was pretty frustrating. As good as Jake Bentley and Deebo Samuel played, we just couldn't make it happen this year. I would like to think that if the defense hadn't had so many injuries, and maybe if Coach Muschamp had taken the points instead of going for it on 4th and Goal (twice!!), maybe things would have been different. It's time to pipe down. Let Clem's Son enjoy this win. It would have been sweet to end the Tigers' playoffs dreams in front of their home fans and break that streak, but it wasn't meant to be. At least our guys showed up this year, and played a tough game, never giving up. Let's hope Coach Muschamp can get a few more big prospects and serve up some revenge next season. Go Gamecocks!!

  17. And citadel put up 275 rushing yards vs bama, there defense isn’t that great, and Clemson will torch that weak secondary.

  18. Well, now I know NCAA rules stipulate that a jersey # may be shared by mutliple players, as long as they don't share the field in any given play.
    Thanks Gamecocks!

  19. HAHAHAHAH can't believe these dirt peckers got beat by 21 points and they still think they did something. We had a bad night y'all better not even think this is half of what we are. Regardless if we had a bad night we still beat them by 21 what's that say if we would have had a good night y'all Gamecocks need to chill out man realize we own y'all

  20. That's two SEC Teams that carved up our defense…If we don't tighten up, any of the top 5 teams can drop 50 points on us..

  21. Clemson needs to recruit some better safeties. It's always the weak spot, year after year. 4:29 that pass is a thing of beauty though. Lawrence is legit as it gets.

  22. Great game to both sides of the fields. Crappy refs towards both, bad plays at times, and defense that can’t wrap up a infant 😂 none the less proud of gamecocks 🔥🐔

  23. Hunter Renfrow been on Clemson for 4 years. I bet he gets drafted by the Patriots.

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