SHELTERED – Part 1, Season 3 | Danger Update | Let's Play Sheltered [Sheltered Gameplay]

Welcome to Sheltered Gameplay – Let’s Play! Sheltered has introduced the Danger Update which changes everything you once knew about the game!

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Sheltered Gameplay Features

Family comes first! Keep your family alive and protect them from the ravages of the harsh post-apocalyptic world above in your fallout Sheltered bunker

Make the shelter a home: Maintaining your shelter, keeping it secure and habitable is one of the most important game elements of survival in Sheltered

Can you truly survive in this Fallout Shelter that Sheltered sets you in?

Let’s Play Sheltered Part 1 – Danger Will Robinson Danger!

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34 thoughts on “SHELTERED – Part 1, Season 3 | Danger Update | Let's Play Sheltered [Sheltered Gameplay]

  1. Get The Fish And Count The Bubbles That Is The Code For The Mystery Hatch For A Really Nice Gun And Ammo And The Hourse Will Get Poison If You Don't Build A Stable

  2. food poisoning remedies? people you recruit eating food without asking? you thinking what i'm thinking?

  3. There's a difficulty mode now. Would you consider coming back to this game again and doing a hardcore mode run?

  4. Also, you may have noticed that there's a green circle, that's what they mean by "Nearby"

  5. Also, I've used the dog before, remembered it doing 10-30 dmg, and multi-attacks w/ a bleeding chance

  6. Also, take into account (if never happened before), if the doors are strong enough, the raiders will get bored and leave.

  7. DON'T ACCEPT EEVERYONE YOU SEE. 1:The update 2: Oxygen meter, I made that mistake, also, I find it strange that they don't use the hazmat suits while going outside, only when fixing things.

  8. A very good tutorial and good commentary you got me intrigued all the time : ) with your strategy. I sub to you partner.

  9. Did not know this one was updated. Just purchased Fear Equation over the weekend, and having no luck so far. Love the concept. Eagerly awaiting your videos for that one. Sheltered is pretty great too. Might give it another go…..or just watch this until more videos come out. We seem to have similar taste in games which makes you one of my favorite Let's Players. Keep up the good work.

  10. i do not know this game can someone give me a rundown? and can recruits betray you or turn out to be a raider and they invite their party over?

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