Ryan Reynolds Wants To Kill The Entire Marvel Universe In Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds pitches this crazy idea for the new Deadpool movie.

Deadpool killing the entire Marvel Universe in Deadpool 3 is actually a possibility! Let’s discuss why!

The rumour mill has been turning for Deadpool 3, with Ryan Reynolds reportedly pitching for Deadpool to kill off the entire Marvel Universe for the upcoming sequel!
This is a pretty wild suggestion, but doesn’t seem out of character for Wade Wilson, especially because of how it relates to the existing Deadpool comic Killogy: Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe.
There has been speculation surrounding the information for Deadpool 3, supposedly having Michael Bay directing! And while there are certainly connections between Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool writers and Michael Bay (all of which having worked on Netflix’s Six Underground), how would this affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
With the Disney-Fox Merger, Marvel Studios would no doubt want to incorporate arguably one of the most profitable Marvel characters to date into Phase 4 or 5. There have been theories on whether Deadpool could make a surprise appearance in the end credits of Black Widow, but I’ll bet my Chimichangas that things will be more complicated than that!
We haven’t even heard of re-castings for the Fantastic Four or the X-men reboots coming from Marvel, so could this idea be too good to be true?
We’ll discuss how this could be possible, what characters could be killed off, and how this could affect the MCU!

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46 thoughts on “Ryan Reynolds Wants To Kill The Entire Marvel Universe In Deadpool 3

  1. Ah, so maybe a whole what if movie, that would be cool, or like really killing them all, and taking quicksilver to the mcu

  2. Does that mean Deadpool will kill the directors, just like how he killed the writers in the comics?

  3. Please don't let Bay touch anything Marvel related. I hope this is just a fake leak, please don't let him near any Marvel property.

  4. Maybe could make an appearance in Dr Strange 2? Could be an alternate universe and show Deadpool killing all. Kind of far fetched but hey 😂

  5. Scene:
    Sing in front of an olive garden that reads "space reserved for X Men, Fantastic 4, galactus, etc". Deadpool sets up explosives outside during the dinner and blows up olive garden with the heroes inside. Cut to scene outside hugh Jackman house and Deapool kisses him on the forehead.

  6. If that does happen there going to have to change the Human Torch because Chris Evan's played him

  7. Going the Mars Attacks route then? Whole bunch of high profile actors that get killed off left and right. I can dig it.

  8. If this happens they have to have Hugh jackmans wolverine be the last one he kills. I can picture the scene go like
    Wolverine: Wade! What have you done?! Deadpool: pssh why do you care Jacky boy you left us anyways?
    And then an epic fight with Deadpool vs Wolverine with them cutting each other to pieces

  9. Deadpool 3 should start with deadpool killing off Michael bay.
    Don't let Michael bay anywhere near this or any deadpool movie

  10. Maybe he could kill the X-Men universe characters as sort of a way to open a way for them to be in the MCU.

  11. everyone exept spider man thor the potato shooting kid i wish he becomes the next iron man hawkguy bucky and everyone iconic i love them after iron man and captain

  12. Is this man’s accent American or British because I can’t lie it sounded like two different people were speaking at the same time lol

  13. Killing off all marvel characters from fox would retcon the whole universe and they’d appear in Mcu as a different universe.

  14. If this happens, I hope during the end credit scene DP visits Logan’s grave and either just sits down and cry’s, or pisses on it

  15. This movie will only be good if Deadpool has a good reason for wanting to kill the marvel universe

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