Play Neo Xonix Online

@ Small creature Xoni lives happily in its small world. But other bad creatures try to make its life harder. Xoni always has to catch them by getting more free area. You have to get minimum 75% of field to pass the level. There are some bad creatures: AntiXoni – moves inside field and can t cross Xoni s territory. Jumper – moves around field, jumping from side to side. Twins – go around field, one – clockwise, another – ccw. Hunter – tries to pursue Xoni everywhere. You will lose a life if: – Xoni encounters with other creatures – Xoni crosses its trail – AntiXoni cross Xoni s trail – time is out Bonus S – gives you double speed. Bonus Clock – stops all creatures. Other bonuses give you additional scores. After every 5000 scores Xoni gets additional life.. control xoni, catch red creatures and escape other creatures. Play Neo Xonix at ! More jumping games at . Neo Xonix : – www: – Facebook: – Twitter: – YouTube:


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