Pitch a Deadpool Sequel (w/ Kevin Smith!) – MOVIE FIGHTS!

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Kevin Smith (Wrtier, Director), Marc Andreyko (Writer), and Spencer Gilbert (ScreenJunkies) debate the following topics with judge Andy Signore (ScreenJunkies) and fact checker Dan Murrell (ScreenJunkies) for the week of 2/15/2016:

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0:04:50 Round 1 – Deadpool was a smash hit, so @RealRossWayman wants us to: Pitch a Deadpool sequel – and cast your Cable
0:18:58 Round 2 – REMATCH: Which existing property needs a Hard-R adaptation or reboot?
0:28:40 Round 3 – Star Wars Episode VIII has officially started filming: What?s the #1 thing you want to see in Episode VIII?
0:38:14 Round 4 – Best Batman Movie? – Blind Fight
0:51:32 Round 5 – Worst job of any character in a movie?

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