Part One: I Can Be An Animal Doctor! – Intro & Activities (No Commentary)

Welcome to Part One of my playthrough of “Learning Adventures! Series: I Can Be An Animal Doctor (Veterinarian)”! I’ve had this game in my collection for a long time and have fond memories of playing it many times. It was really fun revisiting this title.

In this part, we explore the Activities (mini-games) within the game. The Activities featured are Animal Crackers, Weigh Cool (my favourite), Desert Treasures, Feeding Frenzy, Animal Artistry, and Ordering Life Cycles.

In the next video, we’ll be checking out the game’s glossary, exploring the office, and learning about endangered species of the world and what we can do to help!

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8 thoughts on “Part One: I Can Be An Animal Doctor! – Intro & Activities (No Commentary)

  1. I used to play this game so much when I was little. It was one of my favorite games growing up. 🙂 Thanks for uploading this. Brings back memories! 🙂

  2. Years later, I finally figured out that Jeannie Elias played Rufus. I loved the quality of his voice as a kid, I always associated Carl from As Told by Ginger with him.


  3. Out of the two games from the Learning Adventures! Series, I was only able to play "I Can Be A Dinosaur Finder (Paleontologist)." It's great that you've uploaded gameplay of this one. Also, Dr. Max Rigby sounds familiar? Is she voiced by the same voice actress (Jodi Carlisle) as Marianne Thornberry from the Wild Thornberrys TV Show?

  4. I’ve been looking for this piece of nostalgia from my childhood for ages! The name finally came to me today, thanks for posting

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