Offical: Atmospug The Cloud Jumping Dog – (by Gut Shot Games LLC ) – iOS – HD Gameplay Trailer


Atmospug, the Cloud Jumping Dog is a fixed jumping platformer that delivers a new endless experience.

Equal parts “Choose Your Own Adventure”, Impossible Platformer and Endless Runner – Atmospug creates a new sub-genre affectionately referred to as a “Level Chain”. In Atmospug, all levels are metaphorically stacked and mixed into one deck. To begin the player is “dealt” three levels to choose from. After making their selection and successfully beating the level, they are dealt three more levels. The player again makes their selection, only this time the new level is added to the END of the last level. To progress, the player must repeat their initial success as well as beating the new addition. The game continues to progress in this manner increasing the challenge each time success is achieved. Since the player is choosing which level to add, each player’s “Level Chain” is uniquely their own.

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