Monopoly Stranger Things Game from Hasbro

Today TTPM is reviewing Monopoly Stranger Things Game from Hasbro. Stranger Things Monopoly! A Monopoly Stranger Things Edition where half the tokens are in the Upside Down, and all the classic elements of the original board game have been given the Stranger Things treatment. Gameplay is the same with a few additional Stranger Things perks thrown in for fans. A collector-worthy option. Keep watching these review videos of kids toys.

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Product Info:
The Monopoly Stranger Things Edition from Hasbro is a themed collector-worthy version of the classic board game with details that will appeal to fans of the Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things. Monopoly’s classic community chest and chance cards become Walkie-Talkie and Blinking Lights cards, an ode to the characters’ main forms of communicating. Houses and hotels become forts and hideouts. The four railroad spaces are replaced by four modes of transportation distinct to the show: a bike, Joyce’s Car, Hopper’s Patrol Car, and Hawkins Power and Light Van. Traditional Monopoly tokens are also swapped out. What makes these eight tokens particularly unique to the show is that there are doubles of the same four tokens with half being given a darker finish to represent the Upside Down, the alternate dimension where Will gets trapped in season one.

The game is played just like traditional Monopoly but there are a few hidden gems to the gameplay thrown in for fans. For example, to get out of jail you either have to roll a double, just as in traditional Monopoly, or you can roll 11. If a player also goes into debt and can’t get out of it, they are now trapped in the Upside Down and out of the game.

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