Kickstarter Crap – Youtube Gaming Channels [Double Feature]

We look at two youtube channel kickstarter projects. They both suck. One asks for a butt-ton of money, and the other thinks there is no risk. Thanks for watching, kickstarter crap is becoming more and more fun to make thanks to you guys. 🙂

All the footage in this video is fair use.




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50 thoughts on “Kickstarter Crap – Youtube Gaming Channels [Double Feature]

  1. OneSitWonder is a jackass because he wants to go full time to make his wife look like an idiot, and Mrs. Wonder is a jackass because if she just said that he can play video games as long as it doesn't get in the way of his job or responsibilities, he wouldn't be begging for pennies on the internet.

  2. i just realized that me as a 13 year old has higher production quality than most of these losers asking for 40k

  3. You know I really do feel bad for the people who claim their "dream" is to play videogames all day.

  4. The guy with 40k…he paid 5k for pc and equipment and the rest went to his refined fish scale cocaine habit and broads

  5. What a nerd. Most people start their YouTube channel out of their mom's house as a teenager.

  6. I have to ask what video equipment costs $40,000? I bet he bought more then just equipment.

  7. Yeah I started my YouTube channel (prod iseedoves) and yeah I have a job and work for it tbh even in these troubling times I never started a kick starter for it

  8. They need it to be a side hustle while they pursue their main job, an electrician's apprentice.

  9. Imagine thinking that asking people online for money to pay off your debt is a good idea and you won't have people ripping into you.

  10. I wish I could do more videos fo you guys, but I have to spend hours looking for money to buy more heroin. Please give me money so I could make amazing videos.

  11. I feel a little bad about the first guy but he really shouldn't be asking for people paying for his electric and gas bill lmao

  12. Coming back to rewatch as an adult and now these seem even more ridiculous. How can my bf who has no finance experience have 1000+ in his savings (he doesn’t even make THAT much), but this mook with 15 years in finance can’t save?

  13. You can have a pretty killer full setup for like 750$ and a passable one for far less. But these people demand 10,000$

  14. 10h work per Day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, I worked 7/7, 14/24 or more and I am 21. I have 2 Jobs, social work and a YouTube channel…if you like freaky, Makeup related and non SJW Stuff, check it out, my name is TATZO.

  15. What an idiot, he literally said, thankfully though I put myself in soul crushing debt. Wtf why are u thankful for that? Wtf fr lol

  16. After rewatching these, i kinda feel like the dude here is the same one who asked for £ 40K to make his shitty idea of a game “the wastes”

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