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Shoot First by Teknopants (Beau Blyth) is a top down, rogue-like shooter. Available for co-op and featuring some very punishing but rewarding gameplay, there’s a lot that will keep you coming back. In general, I’d liken it to a shooter version of (one of my favorite rogue-like RPGs) Cardinal Quest. Gameplay is simplified and distilled down to nearly it’s most fundamental elements – which helps make dying frequently substantially less frustrating. During this somewhat atypical episode I also go into detail about some behind-the-scenes info about the series. Check out Shoot First for free at the link below!


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32 thoughts on “Indie Impressions – Shoot First

  1. I think you were not using the "strafe" button, maybe it could have helped, I guess it could allow to move in one direction and shoot in another… But it's just speculation, I never played this game (but I think I will). Nice vid and nice channel!

  2. I will usually watch the whole video unless I'm just completely not interested in the game (or, rarely, if my eyes just can't take the game). I enjoy that you take a rather unbiased and analytic approach, while still including the personal. It's nice to see a good blend, since many YouTubers like to either do one or the other. I would like to ask quick question: what, if anything, you use to record besides FRAPS? I'm hoping to start LPing soon and any suggestions would be great!

  3. If anyone would be so kind, I recently created a wiki for ShootFirst. It's available here (you'll have to add in a few periods due to Youtube's no-link policy in comments)


  4. Agree, I've been watching II for awhile now but just found out yesterday about your page and the forums. Might be a good idea to mention it in the videos 🙂

  5. @RockLeeSmile played this myself and had an easier time of it, possibly because I used mouse shooting.

    also in response to your open question I feel there would be more of an Indie Impressions community if your forums were a bit more active. Just my opinion, tho.

  6. It would be nice with actual field of vision simulation instead of just a circle revealed around the character.

  7. It's good you're aware of how informative you can be sometimes, so if you just shoot the shit about random stuff a bit more, that'd be cool too.

  8. Whither could one find "Ask questions first"? I'm a big fan of the Maieutic method.

  9. Wow, just tried the mouse shooting. Even easier than strafing! Got to floor 3. I never want to go back. O.o haha

  10. I watched the whole video to see if you ever found out how to strafe. :/ It really makes things easier! Hope you give it another try and find more success! My only real complaint.. those boulders! haha

  11. Also, specific to this video, I thought this game was pretty awesome, and right up my ally. In some ways, it reminded me a little bit of Jason Rohrer's Inside a Star-Filled Sky.

  12. Generally, I watch the whole video, both for your commentary and to see the game. A few times I will only watch part of the video, but this is because your video and the game look so great I then want to play the game without too many surprises being revealed (don't worry – I don't think that your videos ruin surprises). I like what you're doing, and I definitely don't think you are "too informative"; you strike the balance and I think your videos are entertaining, don't worry over it.

  13. awesome game, thanks for the video!
    Often times i watch your videos to find something to play in the everning, so i watch only the gameplay part, but when i do watch the whole video, it is worth it! Keep it up, awesome work!

  14. i hear you. aggravating, esp after reaching lvl 5. i get the feeling that the dev just made this one quickly and in passing and maybe didn't realize that this is actually quite an awesome game. i think with some more development and content this game could be a total cult hit

  15. no inventory changing in this game. you can only carry 3 items so sometimes you have to switch something out.

  16. haha, you kinda have to approach it like spelunky. very VERY carefully. and you get way better once you learn all the patterns of the enemies etc.. I've been playing this game for 2 years and I've only got to level 8. soooo much fun tho. going to have to try to make it to 9 tonight! also, i donated and got the version 1.2 but still never came across the extra level types for some reason. upsetting cuz I want to hear the new songs for the levels too

  17. Yes! So glad you decided to do this one(and it looks like a hit i might add). I've been trying hard to pimp this game since I discovered it because I feel there is potential for a community if the dev released the source for it. I'd love to see more monsters, items and abilities added through mods but sadly I doubt this will happen. Anyway, thanks for the review, I'll have to watch in full when I get home from work 🙂

  18. Very fun game, thanks for covering it. First play and I got to level 3, after watching you play of course. I would really enjoy a lets play of this but I think you would benefit greatly playing with a keyboard and mouse. The mouse aim makes a world of difference. Also, I would say I don't typically watch the entire video. Some of the games, in my opinion, just don't warrant the amount of time to invest. But still, I do enjoy your commenting style.

  19. Forgot to mention that I would like it very much if you could do a let's play kind of series with this game.

  20. This game is amazing, vaporized the rest of my free time today. Thanks for showing this indie title to me. Also, I like your commentary, and your skill level is way higher than mine, but that might be due to practice in general. Keep showing these indies! You are doing a great job.

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