Gnomes at Night – Dad Battles Eva

Gnomes at Night – Dad Battles Eva. Tonight Dad teams with Eva to play the Gnomes at Night game by Peaceable Kingdom. Before we play the Gnomes at Night game, we first unbox the game and give some instructions on how to play it.

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It is such a great game for kids and for adults, one of my favourites, because you have to play as a team, you win and lose together tying to collect the treasures. (and its so easy to setup, and very quick to play)

Originally Xavier was going to be in it, but it was a little hard for him, so he wasn’t in the video. After Dad and Eva played each other and we stopped recording, it took Xavier 5 mins to figure it out and so he played with Eva off camera, he loved it. So yeah if your child is 5 years of age it should be fine.


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