[Game Maker 8 Tutorial] How to make sprites rotate to the mouse *PRO AND LITE*

Hello and I am Roborgable for those who don’t know me and in this video I will be showing you how to make a sprite rotate in PRO and LITE!

Here is a table of what code to have for lite users using sub images as rotation. The more sub images you have, the more smoother the rotation looks but consumes more space:

36 images: image_angle = direction/10;
40 images: image_angle = direction/9;
45 images: image_angle = direction/8;
60 images: image_angle = direction/6;
72 images: image_angle = direction/5;
90 images: image_angle = direction/4;
120 images: image_angle = direction/3;
180 images: image_angle = direction/2;
360 images: image_angle = direction/1;

36 images or 72 images are recommended! If you have a game which does not require many objects that rotate use more images, but take care with caution!

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