FORSAKEN RUSH & EMPIRE POWDER – 2 Game Double Feature ( Chaos & Empire) | Total War: Warhammer 2

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45 thoughts on “FORSAKEN RUSH & EMPIRE POWDER – 2 Game Double Feature ( Chaos & Empire) | Total War: Warhammer 2

  1. Great games! Loved the back and forth.

    Say Turin, any tips to deal with busted wrists? I can still play with my left arm but boy am I bad.

  2. Turin, when you take a break for surgery next week, you should get your wife to help make some fun youtube content! Do some streams where you don't get to touch they keyboard and mouse, and you're telling Anna where to go and what to do. The chaos and emems would be great, and you'd still be making videos while resting and healing!

  3. In that Empire build, you could probably save yourself a bit of gold by replacing the Silver Bullets with a regular handgunner unit. Most of the big greenskin units you want them shooting at don't have a physical resistance to bypass with magic damage, and it actually makes them worse against stone trolls. They've already got a 30% missile resistance, and using the SB over regular handgunners just gives them a chance to stack their 25% magic resistance on top of that.

  4. I had to do a double take on the title since for some ungodly reason I though foresaken said foreskin

  5. Man, it's been really fun to experience (or in my case lately, watch) the shifting meta of these two games over the years. For years Empire Knights were such an off-meta pick, and now everyone loves them in a number of matchups.

  6. We've seen forsaken return but will we ever see the mighty monkey chariot, I mean, gorebeast chariot?

  7. so would this Chaos list work against beastmen too? the beastmen faction is pretty light armored as well

  8. Can someone explain the charge mechanic? Do i have to very quickly click each my units and give attack order to get off charge or does their first few seconds of the initial engagement put on the charge bonus?

  9. Imagine thinking you've done well for skipping the classic Skaven thin-line-big-guns build for an Endless Ranks of the Rats build, only to find your opponent went utterly hardcore into trashclearers.

  10. I love Forsaken. Take lore of metal caster use glittering robe, +60 armor for 44 seconds makes up for their low MD. people don't expect them to resist as well as they do.

  11. I don’t think there’s anything I enjoy seeing more than forsaken shredding through skaven chaff. That just gives me utter satisfaction and it never gets old. Forsaken build for the win.

  12. You should try a tournament or something were kiting is allowed. maybe corner camping too. or get the good players to submit battles like that to witness. could be a fun idea? what the best of the best do there

  13. Hello, can I have a Warp Chicken special, large, with a diet potion of strength to drink please? Oh, whats that? 2×1 today? Neat! Then I'll have the fermented fungii burger too with fanatic fries. Thanks!

  14. How comes we don't see any of the clan eshin units anymore ? What happened to those like i though the triads were decent.

  15. Did too horrible to die proc on the HPA while it was routing @ 5:21? I wonder if Turin wasn't shooting it as it ran away would it not have activated? Guess it didn't matter if it ran off the battlefield with 3100 or 100 health.

  16. I haven't played this game in a long time. I remember way back Forsaken were awesome and then they got nerfed. After that you pretty much never see them in competitive play. Has something changed in regards to them in the past year?

  17. First build is a joke. 0 damage. Ttying in melee fight as scaven is insta-lose vs anyone.

  18. Yeah, if you want to go with a Skaven vs. Chaos ranged type build, I've found that the Natty Buboe's and a Mortar tend to work well: the Mortars usually draw any cavalry, and Stalk really helps if Chaos brings a Hellcannon, which lower level players love.

    Otherwise, it's pretty similar to Turin's build: the Summons mean that you can almost always get shots in with the Mortar, and damaged slaves can also block for you. The Jez's and assassin help Rat Ogers win their engagments.

    It can get very tricky though, since it's a damage race to see if Chaos can be crippled before it breaks through, and the melee line has to be quite fragile to afford all this.

  19. Silver bullets would be inefficient vs Stone Trolls due to magic resist, but other than that I think handguns are worth taking over Huntsmen and Outriders in the MU now

  20. Yeah the Forsaken were "just" clearing trash units, which many other units can do, but it's the SPEED with which they clear them that's very valuable. For a 20 MD unit, 85 armor is really gonna help them punch up. For blitzing against any light armor they're pretty great. Even if they don't last as long as Chaos Warriors, the way they open to the backline early game can make a huge difference.

  21. That fanatic cast on Sigmar's Sons at the beginning of game 2 was brutal! Great games, definitely missed watching you play Chaos.

  22. Could you put the link to your opponents channel in the description because I can’t see it

  23. Hey Turin do you take replay submissions or cast over public games? I’m learning a lot about multiplayer and roster info from your casts and was wondering if you could cast over my garbage gameplay lol

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