Exotic Weapon PvP Tier List Rankings | Special Weapons (Destiny 2)

This video is part 2 of a three video series ranking and reviewing every Exotic weapon in Destiny 2. This one looks at exotic weapons that use special ammo. I’ll link part 3 (heavy ammo) once it’s ready for you complete.

Part 1: Primary Ammo Exotic Weapons:

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Chaperone Exotic Shotgun Tips:

Erianna’s Vow One-Shot Build for PvP:

0:00 Rules of the Tier List
1:11 The Chaperone
2:22 Izanagi’s Burden
3:35 Arbalest
4:38 Bastion
5:49 Witherhoard
7:06 Coldheart
8:12 Prometheus Lens
9:10 Wavesplitter
10:12 Ruinous Effigy
11:09 Divinity
12:25 Merciless
13:31 Borealis
14:45 Telesto
16:18 Lord of Wolves
17:22 Jotunn
17:58 Erianna’s Vow
19:26 The Fourth Horseman
20:22 Next Up – Heavy Weapons

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49 thoughts on “Exotic Weapon PvP Tier List Rankings | Special Weapons (Destiny 2)

  1. Hope you guys enjoyed this one 😅 Let me know if you'd change any rankings. BTW all weapons were evaluated with completed exotic catalysts if one existed to use.

  2. Getting a 6k AND a Seventh Column within 30 seconds of the video starting, has my respect. Although I know those moments are highlights, you're still insane dude.

  3. I don’t think divinity should be below other traces. Yes, it has a lower TTK value but it has a specific playstyle. With the weapon, you have to position yourself in a way you surprise opponents. You aren’t looking at the fact the bubble is bigger than the player and you can kill targets that hid from you or are running away. Playing comp with it, I mostly killed people running away. Rushing someone will just get you killed. But suprising someone – that will get you somewhere. Even if they are next to a block they can hide behind, you will kill them and people don’t expect that.

    Tl:dr. Don’t rush with divinity, surprise someone if they run from you. Move it up to the tier of other traces.

  4. Ah yes, beginner friendly toaster, and fugin fourth broncoman, i love your videos so much

  5. I’d say divinity def deserves C or higher, only because the hit box is so big and when people try to go behind cover, or is sitting behind a doorway, you can keep hitting them

  6. Can u make a crucible build tier list? It would help all of the blueberries like me in choosing what mods/subclasses to use.

  7. Use a beloved with box breathing and you can one shot supers and save your exotic for something better

  8. I was done after jouton was put in c tier. Man if used correctly which is super easy to, then gun will get u a guaranteed high kd😂

  9. I will say that LoW regular fire mode is insane and has been my go to weapon with old fasioned. But since I'm a console player it seems like the range is shorter like idk why it does but it's not significantly less maybe like 1 meter less

  10. Ah the lord of gays good times getting corner camped with that thing inducing rage so sad they nerfed it's pve capability to kill is PvP reign

  11. i am a console player and i sucked at pvp a while back, I used prometheus lens and braytech werewolf and it wasnt too bad in my opinion.

  12. I'd be more interested if it were console use. I'm curious did pc usage pass up console usage?

  13. I take offense of you rating my favorite exotic divinity. 😂 But I do agree this isn't really a weapon for pvp.

  14. I just like the fact that I can hit people tryna hide behind walls in pvp with divinity. You dont need to be accurate. I think it's the best of the traces

  15. 4th horseman over jotun well thats it for you never watching a video from this guy again 😭😭😭

  16. I love the Prometheus Lens but its just the time it takes to grow the heat field is stupidly too long even for PvE players. After one second it should definitly be max range in PvE and in PvP it should be like 1,5 seconds. Love the weapon but ARGHH it hurts to see that slow growing field

  17. For Console (Part 2):

    If you use the Chaperone with a controller, you are a force of nature unrivaled on this mortal plane of existence.

    People who use Izanagi’s in Crucible just want to show off the fact that they have it.

    Stop using Arbalest.

    Ok I was going to settle for a “Nerf Bastion” meme and surrender what’s left of my dignity, but honestly not enough people have caught on to the fact that it’s ABSOLUTELY BUSTED.

    Stop using Witherhoard.

    All of the Trace Rifles are kind of bad except for Ruinous Effigy which is the most fun weapon in the game. Seriously there’s nothing like facing off against a top-fragging, crayon eating Striker Titan with a pretentious clan tag and smacking him senseless with a large purple ball.

    Merciless is AWESOME. Use Merciless.

    I have…(Checks notes) never been killed by Borealis. And I don’t have it myself. Huh. I guess this goes in the “Requires Further Research” category along with all the exotic bows.

    I NEVER see Telesto used in Crucible which is just strange because the amount of opportunities for creative bullshit are just endless.

    I can’t recommend Lord of Wolves in good conscience. Not because it’s bad — oh no — but because I am sick and tired of being killed by it and I think that everyone should see other weapons.


    If you do well with Eriana’s Vow in Crucible, I actually have nothing bad to say about you AT ALL and you have my complete and total respect.

    What the hell am I supposed to say about The Fourth Horseman? Like, seriously, what do I say? Does anyone even use it in PvP?

    Feel free to yell at me about how I’m wrong 😊

  18. The amount of times I’ve been accused of aim botting while using Arbalest. Stunning weapon and the best best thing I’ve used again supers. Also really fun. S tier for me

  19. I do not see why you are separating these with the arbitrary distinction of primary, special, and heavy.
    I can only equip one, so they are all ranked against each other.

  20. To help with special ammo scarcity use the wings of sacred dawn, it has a perk where you can have a special ammo finder that helps immensely

  21. This is the worst review I’ve ever seen divinity is amazing I would put it in s tier and I don’t mean to be mean

  22. I just though of something: Will Coldheart change to stasis in beyond light, as it is ice themed? Although I suppose stasis is the darkness and not ice but still it would be cool

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