Deadpool (NES Hack) James and Mike Mondays

James Rolfe and Mike Matei play Deadpool, a new fan made Ninja Gaiden hack based on the Deadpool comics. Follow Mike Matei on Twitch ✜

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50 thoughts on “Deadpool (NES Hack) James and Mike Mondays

  1. See Mike's full playthrough of this game here:

  2. “ in the original game they say “ what the”

    “What do you mean what the… like “what the fuck”

    And here it is lmao

  3. For the Contra movie (if there will be one), it would be nice to star Dwayne Johnson and John Cena.

  4. PLEASE NO Ninja Gaiden Movie. The Dead or Alive Movie they did was soooooooooooooo fckin bad. They would fck it up as much.

  5. Wow! That's cool, guys. Thank you for reviewing this amazing hack. If you can, you can try hardcore version of this hack with more playable characters and more difficult levels.

  6. The death music was Mario-esque, and the game over screen cracked me up…imagine seeing that 30 years ago

  7. You guy's gotta team up with bat in the sun and make this ninja you film!

  8. Hope Quintin terintino is watching.
    Coming soon…new grindhouse…
    Ninja giaden and double dragon

  9. I.m allll the way with you on the Ninja Gaiden, Contra and Double Dragon 80's style movie concept… Come on James, help me help you do this.

  10. It would be awesome to see video game movies in the style of grindhouse films. I think that one movie in particular that would fit perfectly in that genre would be an adaptation of the Manhunt series. The whole premise is about killing for snuff films, and given that movies like Saw and Hostel exist (Saw's getting a new installment in two months), it wouldn't even be that bad.

  11. we might see more game movies that look like the actual games now that sonic did so well

  12. The x-ray part I believe they got that from total recall ..hey James remember when you…I mean, remember when the nerd reviewed that game

  13. Contra as a movie could be pretty cool now that I think about it. It could start out with the pair of heroes heading to an undisclosed South America country in the midst of a civil war or revolution. As the guys fight through (or alongside) the local guerrillas they find more and more clues of outside meddling. They find out the Soviets may be involved but they discover it's actually aliens. They destroy the invaders and learn that war is bad or something. Maybe freedom is good. However you want to spin it.

  14. This is actually one of the earlier versions. The cutscenes in later versions have new models.

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