Deadpool Kills The X Men Sequel and Movie Easter Eggs

Deadpool Kills The X Men and Movie Easter Eggs. X Force Cable Sequel, Psylocke X Men Apocalypse Crossover, Deadpool Trolls Wolverine and Marvel Movie Easter Eggs ►
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36 thoughts on “Deadpool Kills The X Men Sequel and Movie Easter Eggs

  1. X-Men: Apocalypse Full Movie
    Play now:

  2. Excellent deadpool vs fantastic 4 lol
    My only issues are we need marvel to be successful up untill Dooms secret storyline. Reed Richards, the illuminati,
    Deadpool and spiderman must relate.

  3. Deadpool's the perfect character to introduce the what if stories from comics like Else Worlds, I think that would be an amazing direction for comicbook movies to go in, especially in established universes, that gives you the freedom to do stories like "Deadpool kills the "Fox" marvel universe" and still come back from it with all your characters intact.

  4. They should have Deadpool kills The Marvel Universe, Deadpool killustrated, and Deadpool kills Deadpool.

  5. Spoiler alert. Man i like to see psylock and cable in the sequel. And i want to see weasle and colossus again. Man the ajax actor was awesome. So sad that he died in the movie. Taskmaster would be great too. But Angeldust was a bad cast …dont wanna see her again. Negasonic teenage warhead also had only a few lines, wish i could see a franchise about her… Spoiler alert.

  6. I just hope they got the hottest brunette ever to play X-23. Even after her own Tv show, if she ever gets one.

  7. deapool and Cable go back in time to stop the weapon plus program.. to weapon 1 .. and fight captain America .. HAHAHA .. Disney would be sooo pissed! .. BUT FUCK EM, they can use Hulk in "avenger" flms .. Fox can use Captain America in a deadpool film .. he was part of the weapon plus program.. he was the start of it

  8. okay, so I'm old school when it comes to the comics. Like I'm talking about 80's and 90's style old school. I was there for New Mutants number one and I ran the series all the way through to about issue 103 and I was there when X-force first came out. So my question is how do they justify doing X-force first and then a New Mutants later unless they're going to treat it as a kind of flashback thing.? Now granted, they may have reset some of the continuity in the last 20 years but the stories I remember are the ones from the original continuity. However I would be kind of excited to see them do this in the X Men universe, starting a whole bunch of young kids that are not nearly as well known. Cannonball, Mirage, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Magma, maybe even Cypher and Warlocke; that would be really cool, I think.

  9. Olivia Munn IMO looks as hot and sexy as you can make Psylocke in real life, pretty spot on, lets hope her acting can hold up!

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