Crusaders Baseball Club vs Rawlings A’s Prospects 2021

WWBA Perfect Game Championship
The Crusaders Baseball Club faces off against the Rawlings A’s Prospects from Odenton, Maryland. The Crusaders look to Monroe-Woodbury High School’s Luke Barone with the start on the mound.

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9 thoughts on “Crusaders Baseball Club vs Rawlings A’s Prospects 2021

  1. Pitcher balks at the @6:36 mark. Picks up and puts down front foot before stepping off to turn to throw to second. Umps missed it.

  2. The head coach is my head coach too he is the high school coordinator for all high school level teams

  3. Play at the plate at around 9:00 was bad positioning by the Umpire. If he takes that play from the wedge, he gets a better look. Also Catcher gave it away that he missed the tag. If you tag him the 1st time, you wouldn't be chasing to apply the tag again. Learning situation for the Umpire.

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