Boggle Jr 🐝 Review and Play Learning Letters & Spelling

Boggle Jr. by Hasbro is a great learning game to play with your preschooler. We got our copy for $2 at the thrift store when Cora was about 3. At that age we just played with the cards and letter dice to familiarize ourselves with words we might not know and practiced finding letters. Now she is 3.5 and is ready to play the first real game! There are two ways to play: there is a flap that you can hide the card’s letters with for children learning to spell on their own or you can play with the flap up and the child can find the letters that make the word by matching. We also talk about the sounds the letters make and how we can use the letters to sound out the word. There are 3 letter words on one side and 4 letter words on the other, 30 cards total and 8 letter dice. I love to play this game with her, but she also loves to play it by herself and go through each card (giving mom time to catch up on everything else)! Highly recommend this game new or used, pieces are pretty durable and the game can still be played if you’re missing a cards (just make sure you have all the letters so you can spell all the words, some words have double letters like “tree” so you’ll need two e’s).

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