Base Reinforcement For Raids Are Finally Ready! | Sheltered Gameplay 1.6 Update

All New Sheltered Gameplay. Part 11 of this Let’s Play – I always knew metal was OP. Every since Mega Man 2.

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Keep your family alive and protect them from the ravages of the harsh world. Make the shelter a home: Maintain your shelter – keep it secure, habitable and make sure that the family have enough resources. Protect your shelter from hazards and infiltration! Let’s Play Sheltered!

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50 thoughts on “Base Reinforcement For Raids Are Finally Ready! | Sheltered Gameplay 1.6 Update

  1. 0:38 – No, not the half-way point of this episode. Not if you continuously fast forward the game as often as you can, then it will be way less than that.
    4:01 – Huh?! What do you mean you already messed up now?! No you haven't! Quickly send your daughter up there now and get those resources back before another animals comes by!!
    4:11 – Yay! Finally Falcon knows about that trick. I've been doing it since first started playing the game. Even if you don't use your Resourceful character, the items you still do get back is worth more than the few pieces of meat you'd get as they can go to procuring you 7-8 more deers.

  2. Entertaining, yet sloppy playstyle. I mean, you realize you had to throw away 5 rations because you had not built another pantry…yet you go out and collect 15 more? Please care more about the game than talking. Watching the vids is like attending a concert with beautiful music yet interrupted by false notes from time to time because the violinist is not thinking music but else.

  3. Falcon if you give the pipes he should only take 10 and give you a grenade and 20 plastic

  4. when making a new floor in the shelter… make sure to make it directly below the rooms with a ladder already… otherwise it'll use up space making a new ladder line… its stupid!

  5. Btw, Teddy Bears and Books are the best items in the game, they do make it so you "cheese" the game a bit though

  6. To bad you can't fight back in your bunker like Vault Dwellers in Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter

  7. I was just looking for some Sheltered tips. Now I'm subbed and going to check out your other playlists too 🙂

  8. Sinead O Connor is the one who sung nothing compares to you right? (im not old btw)

  9. Falcon love the sheltered gameplay series I always enjoy watching you play LDOE Sheltered and Dead Ahead. If you got extra time can you make another Darkwood gameplay I found that video very interesting and I wanna watch you play it as I have no clue what the game is about.

  10. nope, still not a fan of the intro snippet. kills an episode highlight everytime for me.

  11. just got this game first playthrough i ge the camper going take it out first time and my party dies lol

  12. Hey falcon I just wanted you to know you are a great person and a great you tuber I subbed and liked all of your videos too.i have been here since punch club and less i have been here for a while but am saying you are the best you tuber ever if I had to pick theradbrad and you I would choose you. Am not trying to be a hater for theradbrad but I like you guys both. But have a great day you deserve 200 million subs but hope you have a great day falcon.❤️

  13. Falcon you have all those gun and you STILL give water angrying the rain god. Give those pistole away even if you overpay for item

  14. hey falcon you don't need to look for strong people to recruit, just build the punching bag and the bookshelf. you can send them to train instead of fighting in the wasteland. you can increase all their stats that way. AND GET THE CCTV CAM

  15. They should really use in game time for the recycler it doesn't make sense using real time

  16. When are you going to do a face reveal or show around your office (sorry if you did this already)

  17. I'm watching this on an hand me down laptop and it's annoying because the fan is broken so i have a mini fan going on and it blocks your voice so yaa like if you have a 2006 laptop you're watching this on.

  18. Falcon I like this series play this more and pls play cosmoteer and castle story 🙂

  19. carefull falcon,if I remember,that guy who keep asking your pipe can try to attack your base here ,and I think the reward may not worth it if you trade for him

  20. i really dont like this game but for some reason i like watching falcon play it

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