Animal Crackers Trailer (Official)

Animal Crackers Trailer Official 2017

It’s FINALLY here! Our first official trailer!

Amazing song “Lost and Found” by Katie Herzig

Composed Music by: Bear McCreary

Emily Blunt
John Krasinski
Sylvester Stallone
Sir Ian McKellen
Danny DeVito
Gilbert Gottfried
Patrick Warburton
Wallace Shawn
Tara Strong
Lydia Taylor
James Arnold Taylor

Directed By
Scott Christian Sava
Tony Bancroft

Written By
Scott Christian Sava & Dean Lorey

Screenplay By
Scott Christian Sava & Dean Lorey

The film is based on the graphic novel by Scott Christian Sava, illustrated by Alison Acton. Learn more here!

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22 thoughts on “Animal Crackers Trailer (Official)

  1. Hi! This is Scott.
    I'm the creator/writer/director of the film.
    So many comments (over 7,000 as of this morning) and I want to thank you ALL for both the positive and the negative comments. I'm answering them all.
    Youtube isn't the best in telling me of every reply. But I'm doing my best to answer questions, give some behind the scenes info, and generally "geek out" with you all.
    This is my FIRST film and it was such an amazing experience to work with so many talented people.
    Please comment and I'll do my best to answer everything I can.
    Thank you again. And hope you enjoy the film (when we can finally announce the release date).

  2. I remember watching this trailer so long ago! I can't wait to see something new and creative in netfix!

    Danny devito comes in


    ''So anyway I started eating animal crackers''

  3. Lol 😝 love ❤️ the movie title I used to love ❤️ animal 🦒 🦓 🦔 crackers when I was five years old

  4. I already love the concept and voice acting. I keep hearing that plump guy from it's always sunny in something something.
    Oh wait. He's actually there. YES!

  5. This is such an amazing movie and story concept! I see that a lot of effort and heart was put into this, and I'm really excited to see this when it releases. And to hear a lot of big names being put into this, only would make this even better. I have high hopes for an original animated film not tied to any sequel or reboot.

  6. This video was in my recommendation for three years now and I never seen it. Now that I have it looks really good.

  7. Does Makenzie transform to a monkey?
    I found a leaked clip on YouTube, just asking to see if it IS true.

  8. Hold up…
    it’s coming in 9 days..
    is it coming later in the UK though? Because most movies are.

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