1985 Vietnam: Hanoi shows off military and "reeducation" camp

Video shot by Jim Laurie March-April 1985 near Hanoi and in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) Foreign journalists were invited to Vietnam to mark ten years since the ‘liberation’ of Vietnam. First 3:35 shows a STAGED military display outside Hanoi. A short sequence then shows the NBC TODAY show at the Doc Lap Palace in Saigon. For the first time a US TV channel broadcasts live from Vietnam.
The final video shows reporters taken to a “MODEL” ‘re-education camp.’ The reporters are not permitted by Communist authorities to interview prisoners. A spokesman makes the unbelievable claim that up to 3000 “inmates” chose to stay in the region after incarceration in the camp. At this point in history 1985, more than 300,000 (mostly) men had been kept in camps under harsh conditions for ten years. Not until United States normalization with Vietnam in 1995 were most prisoners released. Several hundred thousand with families were allowed to emigrate to America. Both the re-education system and the ‘boat people” exodus were the saddest legacies of the Vietnam War.
Among the journalists seen in this video are Neil Davis, Bill Latch, Lew Simons, Peter Arnett and Arthur Lord (please send a note if you recognize others)

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